How much does Checo Perez have to pay the F1 to compete in 2024?

Sergio Perez has had a complicated F 1 2023 season full of ups and downs, however, who would have thought that every point fought tooth and nail by Perez in this year’s tournament, would mean an expense at the end, or rather, an ‘investment’ to continue participating in the series while he has a contract with Red Bull Racing or any other team?

Sergio Perez will need to pay about half a million dollars

It turns out that it is a reality, or at least that’s how it was revealed by the editor-in-chief of Auto Bild Magazin magazine, Bianca Garloff, who made clear the fact that each driver is obliged by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to pay for each point scored in the Drivers’ Championship throughout the season, starting from a base fee of 10,400 euros and with a ‘rate’ per point of 2,100 euros.

The famous ‘Superlicense’

In this sort of ‘renewal’ of the so-called ‘super license’ or Formula 1 driver’s license, ESPN made a calculation on what Checo Perez would have to pay the FIA if he wants to get into their single-seater for the 2024 season

Checo and Verstappen are the ones who pay the most

The result was that for the 258 points, the Mexican driver has in the championship and with 52 points in dispute for the races to be held in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, so far Checo owes a total of $583,739 to the FIA, while his teammate Max Verstappen doubles his figure, almost $1.4 million dollars.

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