How To Watch X Games Chiba 2022 in the USA And Around the World

Watch X Games Chiba 2022 in the USA

The action is already underway in Chiba. After some elimination rounds, the real action begins tonight. All eyes will be on Rayssa Leal as the 14-year-old phenom competes for a chance to add another medal to her collection. Tonight we’ll see the BMX, Moto x, Skateboard Vert Best Trick, and many more. The games wrap up on Sunday Morning with a few Skateboard events. This year's games are in Chiba Japan, so American fans will be pulling an all-nighter to catch all the action.

How To Watch X Games Chiba 2022 Live in The USA

Some events will be broadcast live on ESPN. Depending on where you are in the world it may be hard to catch your favorite X Games stars in action so Livestreaming is your best option. You won’t want to miss a single event in Japan and you can catch it all on Gamepass.

With Gamepass you can Livestream every event for only $9.99. You can stream from anywhere in the world without a VPN, cable subscription, or contract.

X Games Chiba 2022 Schedule (All times are eastern standard time)

Friday, April 22:

11 PM Men's Skateboard Street Elimination

Saturday, April 23:

12:30 AM Skateboard Vert Best Trick

1:15 AM Women’s Skateboard Park

2:45 AM BMX Park

5 AM Moto X Best Whip

6 AM BMX Street

10 PM Men’s Skateboard Park.

11:30 PM Women’s Skateboard Street

Sunday, April 24:

2:30 AM Men’s Skateboard Street

April 23, MAN WITH A MISSION, a rock band consisting of five ultimate life-forms with wolf heads and humans bodies will perform.

Can Rayssa Leal Do It Again?

Rayssa Leal will face some strong competition from Japan in these games. The Brazilian skater will face a challenge from her compatriot Pamela Rosa. Look for new tricks from them both as they heat up in friendly yet fierce competition.

X Games 2022 Chiba Contestants

Men’s Skateboard Park: Gavin Bottger, Tate Crew, Edouard Damestoy, Jagger Eaton, Luiz Francisco, Guy Khury, Clay Kreiner, Yuro Nagahara, Liam Pace, Tristan Rennie, Kensuke Sasaoka, Jimmy Wilkins, Kieran Woolley, Zion Wright

Women’s Skateboard Park: Yndiara Asp, Amelia Brodka, Cocona Hiraki, Ruby Lilley, Grace Marhoefer, Kisa Nakamura, Kihana OgawaJordan Santana, Minna Stess, Mami Tezuka, , Bryce Wettstein, Sakura Yosozumi

Men’s Skateboard Street: Gavin Bottger, Jagger Eaton, Kelvin Hoefler, Yuto Horigome, Daiki Ikeda, Jake Ilardi, Dashawn Jordan, Chris Joslin, Clay Kreiner, Kairi Netsuke, Liam Pace, Lucas Rabelo, Sora Shirai, Kieran Woolley, Zion Wright

Women’s Skateboard Street: Rizu Akama, Andrea Benitez, Julia Brueckler, Lore Bruggeman, Chloe Covell, Rayssa Leal, Hina Maeda, Gabriela Mazetto, Grace Marhoefer, Funa Nakayama, Aori Nishimura, Yumeka Oda, Keet Oldenbeuving, Poe Pinson, Pamela Rosa

Skateboard Vert: Mitchie Brusco, Tate Carew, Edouard Damestoy, Gui Khury, Clay Kreiner, Elliot Sloan, Moto Shibata, Jimmy Wilkins

Skateboard Vert Best Trick: Mitchie Brusco, Tate Carew, Edouard Damestoy, Gui Khury, Clay Kreiner, Elliot Sloan, Moto Shibata, Jimmy Wilkins

BMX Park: Kyle Baldock, Declan Brooks, Nick Bruce, Pat Casey, Daniel Dhers, Justin Dowell, James Jones, Brandon Loupos, Jeremy Malott, Logan Martin, Rim Nakamura, Kevin Peraza, Marin Rantes, Daniel Sandoval, Jose Torres, Mike Varga

BMX Street: Courage Adams, Alex Donnachie, Chad Kerley, Lewis Mills, Matt Ray, Broc Raiford, Garrett Reynolds, Devon Smilie

Moto X Best Whip: Tyler Bereman, Taka Higashino, Axell Hodges, Tom Parsons, Ryusei Suzuki, Julien Vanstippen, Genki Watanabe