How will the Bangladesh-Pakistan first Test wicket in Chittagong?

How will the Bangladesh-Pakistan first Test wicket in Chittagong?

Bangladesh's first Test against Pakistan in Chittagong. However, before the start of the first Test, there is no excitement and excitement among the fans this time. Instead, everyone is worried. Doubt, worry, apprehension. One thing is for sure, after the catastrophic demise of the T20 World Cup, the three-match T20 series with Pakistan at home also had to be whitewashed. I do not know what happens in the test?

There are three to four senior cricketers in the team. All those who are in the front row as performers. Tamim Iqbal is not there already. Shakib Al Hasan is not playing with him in the first Test. Mahmudullah Riyadh, who scored a century in the last Test against Zimbabwe in July this year, is also retiring. And at the last moment, Taskin Ahmed could not play due to pain in the palm of his hand and finger.

This means that the Tigers do not have almost half the power of batting and bowling. It is not uncommon to have doubts about how much Muminul Haque's team can do with this decaying power.

The issue of wickets is very relevant when it comes to the strength and capability of Bangladesh. Because the wicket is the main criterion or controller of the performance of Team Bangladesh on the soil of the country.

Good or bad game of Bangladesh cricketers depends on the wicket. If their wickets are favorable, Bangladesh cricketers feel like a tiger on the field. And if the wicket is unfavorable, how can their performance go down.

So everyone is curious about the wicket of Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, ‘How will the pitch be? Batting friendly as before? Will the batsmen be able to bat comfortably when the ball comes to bat? Or the ball will continue to spin from the beginning. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Curator Zahid Reza Babu, who can give the best answer to this question, is silent. Before the start of the test, the curators are under strict ICC surveillance and prohibition. The media is far away from the behavior of the wicket, the coaches of both the teams, the captain-manager and the players are not allowed to talk to anyone.

Just saying, wicket is always the same. As you have seen before. No novelty, no innovation.

That's the big message. This means that there is no possibility of any change in the basic character of the pitch of Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. The wicket is the same as before - meaning batting friendly.