Huobi Rebrands Its Derivatives Platform As Huobi Futures

Huobi Rebrands Its Derivatives Platform As Huobi Futures

Huobi Group has rebranded its cryptocurrency derivatives trade platform Huobi DM into Huobi Futures.

As stated by the statement in the organization’s spokesperson and head of Huobi international industry, Ciara Sun, the new name of this exchange would be to signify that the rise of the nascent sector into one that is currently outpacing the interests of the retail and institutional investors.

Leveraging the potential of the derivatives market

Reports shared with Huobi Group reveal that Huobi’s derivative stage has gotten considerable development for the business in the Q1 of 2020. It’s clear in the report why Huobi might be focusing on rebranding and forcing farther its derivatives system — called Huobi Futures — into a broader audience.

The quarterly report claims that Huobi Futures struck an 88.04% rise from the number of institutional investors over Q1 of 2020. Derivatives trading quantity saw a rise of 171.16 percent, ascending from $126.7 billion average quarterly trading volume 2019 to $343.8 billion in the first quarter of the year.

Ciara Sun also found at a meeting in which institutional investors represent 40 percent of Huobi’s trading volume.

Five years away from market maturity

Ciara Sun throughout the assembly which the digital money markets are slowly growing as more authorities around the globe take a look at the region and endeavor to each of the more inclined govern the business. This is forcing an enlarged variety of institutional investors to have an interest in the business enterprise. But, we might require increasingly determined management from regulatory agencies for larger bases to trust that the crypto sphere and receive all the more efficiently included.