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I can't stop watching this iOS 14 concept – BGR

I can't stop watching this iOS 14 concept – BGR

John Smith
John Smith

The biggest news from the technology world a week was a report by Bloomberg That attracted some much-needed great news: The launching of Apple’s iPhone 12 seemingly will not be postponed. Multiple past reports had indicated that the new worldwide coronavirus pandemic could result in delays with the launching of Apple’s iPhone 9 along with the launching of the iPhone 12, but today it seems that iPhone 12 has returned to normal.

If everything goes as planned, we could anticipate the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Guru versions to be launched in early September, likely with a digital press conference as opposed to a live event, then it will start later in the month. There is still an excellent possibility that supply will likely be seriously restricted at launch as a result of the build-up of fabricating that factories in China will continue to function, but it is still fantastic news for Apple and its lovers the iPhone 12 will be very likely to debut weather. We’re excited about lots of distress in the forthcoming months and weeks, therefore we will all desire decent news where we could get into in September.

The phones will feature a brand new design with horizontal metallic borders such as the older iPhone 5, in addition to 5G connectivity and enhanced OLED screens using a 120Hz refresh speed.

Those are exciting news, but there is something to be published together with the new iPhone 12 show next September. Obviously, we are speaking about iOS 14, which is introduced to developers in beta this coming June prior to a broader public launch near the end of the summer. But most of what is to come to stay a puzzle, as will be the significant UI changes which are rumored.

The hardware is clearly exciting, but iOS 14 will play a major part in most of the amazing new features coming into Apple’s iPhone 12 series after this season. Bearing that in mind, a picture designer called Nicholas Ghigo chose to make an iOS 14 theory video which will help visualize a few of the rumors we have learned about Apple’s forthcoming new cellphone applications. Ghigo can also be taking some liberties and imagining several fresh iOS 14 attributes that aren’t based on escapes or rumors, but the result has some astonishing and long-term adjustments we can not quit looking at. Check out the entire video, which can be embedded below.

John Smith

Smith has been writing about everything digital for nearly 10 years and is here to help you find the best ways to watch sports, TV shows and movies online. Previously, he was News and Features Editor