I did not make a mistake by going to PSG: Lionel Messi

I did not make a mistake by going to PSG: Lionel Messi

He has high levels of expectations. Fans sit with the hope that he will score a goal as soon as he enters the field. The name Lionel Messi is more sought after. The so-called flying-start to PSG is not the Argentine superstar. The question is whether the decision to join the team of La Parisians was right! Messi made it clear that he did not make a mistake by going to PSG.

Messi recently had a conversation with France Football magazine. This is the first special interview after going to PSG. There he said he did not make a mistake by writing his name in PSG. He also presented the argument in favor of his own opinion.

"I didn't do anything wrong when I went to PSG," said France Football. This coming Saturday, October 9, the full interview with the superstar will be published by Ballon d'Or magazine.

Messi has scored only one goal so far in PSG. On the night of the 2-0 victory over Manchester City. After that match in the group stage of the Champions League, the French lost against the Renaissance in League One. First rate after eight consecutive wins in the league.

Messi took a free-kick in the Renaissance match. Even before that, I liked the ball in the post. The goal is not being caught. Of course you are in form! Sometimes he came down as a hat trick for Argentina. There are international breaks again.

He will play three World Cup qualifiers in Latin America during the week. Argentina are second in the Latin table with 18 points from 8 matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar.