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I dream of dancing at Ronaldinho funeral

I dream of dancing at Ronaldinho funeral

These Ghana coffins transported coffins dance to create the last travel joyously. The fantasy of this leader of the group, 1 day he is going to have the ability to carry his favorite celebrities. He began the practice of honoring the dead person by organizing funerals through dances and songs. Aidur asserts, ‘Some folks do not need to shout anymore. Other folks shout. But if they wish to shout or not, we still make everybody happy.

Aidu and his firm are very famous after the movie was distributed on social networking. Even Lego was made to mimic them. The French soccer media outlet Fut Mercato requested, Given an opportunity, which footballer would they prefer to dance? It did not take long for Aidur to reply,’I want them a very long life. However, when I get the opportunity, I dream of dance in Ronaldinho’s funeral. Subsequently Maradona and eventually Messi. Ronaldinho is the person who has fascinated me all of the time. It’s a tribute from 1 dancer to somebody who danced on the soccer field.

A staunch Barcelona supporter can’t observe a footballer from the corpse club. Luis Suarez’s victory for the club isn’t tolerated by him. Asamoah Xian failed to score regardless of getting a penalty. Aidu remains saddened at the end of the dream of reaching the World Cup semi-finals due to Suarez.’ It sounds too awful. Whenever I visit this participant, whenever I hear that the title Suarez, I get angry. It is a disgusting sense my Ghana team could not play at the World Cup semi-finals due to one of his palms ‘

The title Suarez is regarded as a curse in Ghana. At least that is what Aidu states,’We’ve got a significance for Suarez’s name. Suarez means hopeless. If you would like to accomplish something or go somewhere but there’s Suarez, then you won’t have success. Regardless of What you need from the center, using Suarez means you won’t get it’Even if Suarez would like to, he won’t obtain the support of Aidud in his funeral, even though he fails to say!

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