ICC may legalize Ball-tampering in Test cricket to reduce Coronavirus risk

ICC may legalize Ball-tampering in Test cricket to reduce Coronavirus risk

After the brightness of the red ball decreases, the batsmen have an edge in the area fight. So the bowlers removed the ball to improve the border of the bowling attack. He utilized saliva to do this. The cricketers then wash out the ball by rubbing a handkerchief or a piece of fabric or pajamas. It’s a punishable crime to wash the ball with something artificial away from the spit. Ball-tampering.

Cricketers rub on the ball with spit, perspiration, or jersey. No other way is legitimate. So Coronavirus can violate the taboo, can meet the extended fantasy of their bowlers. The ICC is presently considering legalizing what’s been called the offense of ball-tampering.

Searching for other ways to create the ball glistening. After the game begins after corona, ball polishing with synthetic materials like leather wax, leather or wax polish might be let. But this is going to be in front of the umpires.

The ICC’s medical committee is currently considering ways to discover a way out. Various methods could differ for distinct balls. The views of these organizations are also obtained.
The ICC Cricket Committee along with the MCC Cricket Committee will discuss the issue prior to rolling up the cricket field after Corona. Before, the MCC meeting was scheduled to be held at Colombo but had been postponed because of Corona.

Cricketers have voiced concern regarding the health dangers of using saliva and perspiration in the face for the last couple of days. This time, Josh Hazlewood and Peter Handscomb also stated that an alternative ought to be seen by considering wellness.