India involved in match-fixing: ICC

India involved in match-fixing: ICC

In 2013, incidents of match-fixing and spot-fixing were leaked in the IPL. The ICC thought that this would reduce match-fixing in India and the violence of the people involved. But where is it! The ICC’s anti-corruption division is finding India involved in most of the match-fixing cases.

The ICC’s ongoing investigation into 50 ongoing match-fixing cases shows that most of them involve India. Such an explosive piece of information about the largest country in the cricket world has been given by Steve Richardson, the co-ordinator of Aksu’s investigation. Officials involved in the investigation said gamblers now target state-based leagues and lower-tier live leagues.

Richardson said,

‘The players come to the last stage of match-fixing. The problem is that those who handle this fixing, those who pay the players sit outside the field. I will now be able to give the names of at least 8 people to the concerned people in India, who are in constant touch with the players about fixing. ‘

The Karnataka League has been canceled due to allegations of match-fixing in India. An investigation is underway into the owners of one team and some players. But the ACU says there will be no benefit unless match-fixing is declared a criminal offense in India.

Citing the example of Sri Lanka, Richardson said, “Sri Lanka is the first country to have a match-fixing law. That is why Sri Lankan cricket is now safer than ever.

Sri Lanka “sold” the 2011 World Cup final to India, the country’s former sports minister said on Thursday.