Indianapolis 500 Postponed Until August Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

Indianapolis 500 Postponed Until August Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Indianapolis 500 was postponed until August in the aftermath of this coronavirus epidemic. The yearly race is currently scheduled to happen on August 23 as opposed to the previously scheduled May 24 date.

It marks the first time since 1946 the Indianapolis 500 will not be conducted on Memorial Day weekend.

“The month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is my favorite time of year, also like our lovers, I’m frustrated that people have had to reschedule the Indianapolis 500,” Roger Penske said in an announcement published by Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Indianapolis 500 was a fixture since its beginning in 1911. But, there were seven additional years where the iconic race did not occur with all of them being because of World Wars I and II.

It had been yearly scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, and it is now a fixture for tens of thousands of racing fans across the globe ever since.

“In times like that, it’s about communication and leadership. We’ve got both in IndyCar and NASCAR,” rushing owner Chip Ganassi said.

This marks the very first installment of this iconic race because Penske bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in November 2019.

“Memorial Day weekend has ever supplied Indianapolis 500 fans a chance to honor the women and men that have fought and sacrificed for our country’s liberty,” Penske Entertainment Corp. “This August, we will also have a unique and effective opportunity to honor the gifts and heroism of those physicians, nurses, first responders and National Guard members working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.”

Four IndyCar races were initially postponed, however, the show was hoping to restart racing May 9 at a street course in Indianapolis. The IndyCar series now has the introduction race recorded as May 30 in Detroit, but that might not occur because the Indianapolis 500 was postponed.

“I will tell you that, regardless of what month or day or time that they run the Indy 500 it is the best race on the entire planet earth, we will only get it in August now and it’ll continue to be super good,” Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser added.