Inzamam-ul-Haq blames ICC for 'no' to international cricket for IPL

Inzamam-ul-Haq blames ICC for 'no' to international cricket for IPL

The effects of the pandemic coronavirus have been felt in world cricket. Apart from international cricket, the IPL schedule has also been disrupted. In April-May, this year's franchise league was held in India. But due to Corona, it had to be postponed in the middle. The rest of the event will be held in the United Arab Emirates next September-October.

With one hand on the ICC, the world governing body for cricket, he said that the Pakistan team could not find an opponent of the main power to play anywhere. When they went to South Africa last April, they sent their players to the IPL.

This time 6 New Zealand players will not come to Pakistan to play in IPL. Earlier in the tour of England, the whole team changed as the players were attacked by Corona. As a result, Pakistan could not play against the key players there.

Last Tuesday (August 10), stars like Williamson and Bolt announced that they will play in the IPL this time. Not in the series against Pakistan. Inzamam is very upset after this news.

"Wherever Pakistan goes to play the series, our cricketers are not able to play against the best cricketers of the opposition," Inji said angrily on his YouTube channel. When we went to play the series against South Africa last April, the star cricketers of that country were still busy in the IPL.