Ireland’s Beirne punished by team-mates – ‘The power’s gone to their head’

Irish lock Tadhg Beirne was comically made to wear a suit to and from training on Wednesday after arriving “a couple of seconds late” to a team meeting. As his punishment fell on the same day as a media briefing at the Complexe de la Chambrerie, Ireland’s training centre, he was understandably questioned about his formal attire.

The 31-year-old, who also plays for United Rugby Championship club Munster, revealed to assembled media that the fine had been dished out to him by team-mates James Ryan, Jack Conan and Dave Kilcoyne. Beirne had to spin a “wheel of fortune” and landed on “number ones” to and from training.

“There’s a bit of a dictatorship going on in camp at the moment,” he chuckled. “We have three lads that call themselves the sheriffs. They’re in charge of any misdemeanours or any fines that need to be taking place within the camp.

“Unfortunately, I turned up a couple of seconds late for a meeting and they decided to fine me. I had to spin the wheel of fortune and I landed on ‘number ones’ to and from training, hence the suit. But, it fell on media today so everyone gets to see me in a nice suit, so how bad [is that]?”

Beirne didn’t reveal the full list of punishments on the “wheel of fortune”, but did lift the lid on one of the most embarrassing ones. “One of the worst ones is I think there’s a silent one-minute dance which is actually probably punishment for everyone sitting in the room as well as it is for the man who has to do it.

“There’s a wheel back in the camp they have all different punishments on it. So, it could land on whatever.” According to Beirne, the power has got to the three “sheriff’s” heads.

“The reason it’s a dictatorship is because they are claiming they’re above the law. So, there could be a French Revolution yet,” he joked. “The power’s definitely going to their heads, particularly Dave Kilcoyne. He’s enjoying it a bit too much for people’s liking I think.”

Ireland play Tonga on Saturday in their second World Cup group-stage fixture following an 82-8 battering of Romania last weekend. Andy Farrell’s men are among the favourites to win the tournament after a successful Six Nations Grand Slam earlier this year.

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