Is Rampage Movie Based On A True Story?

Is Rampage Movie Based On A True Story?

“Is Rampage movie based on a true story?” When the end credits listing scrolled upwards on my laptop screen, I asked myself the same question. Is genetic editing possible in real life?

Rampage Movie Plot

Some nerds are doing lethal research on space. Yes, the research is about genetic editing. Suddenly, a woman who is conducting research on Space finds out that genetic editing works. Guess what? A monster comes into existence. Therefore, she detaches herself from the ship for the sake of her life.

Unfortunately, the detached mini ship bursts into pieces, which fall on earth.

These pieces make more monsters on earth. As a result, the destruction begins.

What is Genetic Editing?

Genetic Editing is a way of customizing genes. It’s mostly used to improvise the current state of an organism. As you have seen in the movie, the rampage movie gorilla breed is Silverback, which is not powerful at all. Due to genetic editing, it becomes 10x more powerful.

By the way, Gorilla isn’t the only animal. There are three monsters in Rampage movie: Gorilla, Crocodile, and Wolf.

Is Rampage Movie Crispr Possible? 

Before understanding whether Rampage movie is based on a true story or not, we must first the use of CRISPR.

CRISPR is nothing but a family of DNA sequences. These are found inside the genome. Although the CRISPR works, it doesn’t work the movie has shown.

Can CRISPR make superhuman or Super Animals?

Okay, we have understood that CRISPR works. The fact is – CRISPR can’t make a superhuman or super animal. What you have seen in the movie is partially fictional.

If things like could happen, you may have seen that in News. Moreover, such intensive genetic editing is intolerable for a human or an animal. If someone messes up with this, the testing object may die as well.

Is Rampage Movie Based On A True Story?

Let me get back to your question. The answer is clearly no and yes. As I have said, genetic editing is possible, but not for turning an animal into a monster.

As a matter of fact, Genetic editing is used to cure animals.

One more thing – they have shown that the CRISPER can make animals aggressive and harsh. When it comes to reality, the testosterone production of animals can’t be raised to such an extent. So, it was a big lie.

Is Rampage Movie Worth Watching?

From my perspective, the storyline of the movie is weak. You can watch something better. But still, I won’t say that the movie is bad. It’s a one-time movie.

On Netflix, they have mentioned that the movie will be an adrenaline rush. Honestly, I didn’t see that coming.

If you don’t have anything to watch, go ahead and chill yourself with Rampage.

It would be much more fun if owners of those animals would get affected too. Such a change in the story would bring more villains and heroes.