Italy 20 clubs have voted in favor of resuming the game

Italy 20 clubs have voted in favor of resuming the game

Italy is among the most populated nations in Europe. But after beating the issue, the nation’s greatest soccer league Serie A is awaiting come back to the area. When will the game begin, when the inertia be eliminated by eliminating the COVID-19 queries are now on everybody’s face in most nations. Notably in the park. Italian soccer, among those corona-hit nations in Europe, can be searching for answers.

The country’s football federation has organized a referendum on the issue. It has been heard for so long that some of the top clubs in Italy do not want this season’s game to be played again. But in the vote organized by the federation, only 20 clubs of the league have decided to start the game again.

However, no last decision has been taken yet on when the game is going to be played. At a video conference now, the Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) said just that the clubs are excited about returning to the area.

If I do not say it, then it’ll be referred to as a lie. He wants to keep in whatever profession he’s in.’ But, Dal Pino also said that beginning the match is dependent on something, we’ll make the decision after the directions of the authorities.” If the situation improves, possibly the game could be launched.

Perhaps that is why (using the league) my club view was misinterpreted. Juventus is excited about finish 2019-20. The custom of Italian clubs can commence in May. Along with the league could begin again.

Before, Gravina, head of the Italian Soccer Federation, said: I’m not responsible for canceling this season. Gravina also clarified how passing could be if the league isn’t played on the area will probably lose 70 to 80 million euros. If we arrange the remaining games in a field without audiences, then the reduction will probably be 300 million Euros.