Italy after the catastrophe of missing second World Cup

Italy after the catastrophe of missing second World Cup

The matter happened almost at the World Cup. No big team gets a chance in the great sacrifice of football. The European World Cup qualifiers put the football world in that situation again. The farewell bell of either Italy or Portugal is sure to ring. Because the two teams were going to face each other in the play-off fight. But Italy could not go that far. Their dream of playing in the Qatar World Cup has already ended.

Italy lost 1-0 to North Macedonia at home in the semi-finals of the European World Cup qualifiers yesterday. With this, the dream of playing in Qatar World Cup has also ended. Russia, the four-time world champions, could not even play in the main round of the World Cup. As a result, Italy is not playing in the biggest football competition for eight years in a row. This is not the first time in two consecutive World Cups in their football history.

Their opponent in the play-off final is Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo did not make a mistake in Italy. They kept their World Cup hopes alive by beating Turkey 3-1 in the other semi-final of the play-offs. Portugal-North Macedonia will face Qatar on March 29 to secure a ticket.

Italy went on a World Cup qualifier at home in Palermo. As the opponent was North Macedonia, the winning margin was tilted towards them. Instead, the football world printed this match and thought of Portugal-Italy 'play-off final'. But North Macedonia wrote history with the birth of the unfortunate. Losing Italy to their own field and ending the World Cup dream, is not a chatty thing!

However, Italy has performed well in the field fights from North Macedonia. They are the only ones who have played with the ball. The defense is busy attacking one after the other. That is the impression of 32 shots. Although he has been able to aim a little. The 5 shots that were on target, the goalkeeper could not take such a test.

When the goal could not be opened after so many attempts, it seemed that the allotted time was going to end goalless. Just then the bleeding in the heart of Italy. In the second minute of injury time of the second half, Alexander Trykowski wrote a fairy tale with a sudden shot. The winger's sudden shot from outside the box went into the net before Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donarumma realized it. The Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper jumped, but could not stop the low shot.

Meanwhile, Portugal has confirmed the play-off final with an easy victory.