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Italy's sports minister confirms: Serie A to return on June 20

Italy's sports minister confirms: Serie A to return on June 20

Jack To Do
Jack To Do

The English Premier League is starting on 17 June. Three days later, on June 20, Serie A will return to the field. The Italian government has officially allowed the resumption of the current season of the top football league due to the coronavirus.

This time, after a long time, there was a hint of a possible start date for the Italian league. The top league of Italian football can be played again on June 20. The country’s sports minister Vincenzo Spadaphora has given such a signal. Now just waiting for the final announcement of the Italian Football Federation. A few days ago, the country’s football federation informed that the 2019-20 season will have to end by August 20. This time the government gave permission to start the game.

“We have received green signals from all sides,” said Vincenzo Spadaforaa. So now there is no doubt about playing on the field. Hopefully, from June 20, we will be able to start other leagues, including Serie A. The final decision will be made by the federation. We talked to them. However, in this situation the game is likely to be stopped again. And if that happens, they will take an alternative approach to the playoffs. “

On March 10, the league authorities announced the suspension of Serie A until April 3 due to the coronavirus. However, as the situation did not improve, it was later postponed indefinitely.

When the game returns to the field, people’s confidence will return. All fears and doubts will go away. So Vincenzo expressed optimism about starting the game as soon as possible. Siri also spoke about the Italian Cup. The Italian Cup must end by June 20.

Vincenzo Spadafora added, “We want to send a positive message to the people by starting the game again. I would like to inform you that all fears will be gradually removed. And that’s why I want to finish the Italian Cup in front of everyone. I expect to finish this tournament by June 20. ‘

Jack To Do

Jack is Andorra CF official website editor. Having written for a number of magazines and websites, there's no aspect of soccer news and great predictor.