Jacqueline, the 'serial killer' to save her husband

Jacqueline, the 'serial killer' to save her husband

Bollywood Sri Lankan celebrity Jacqueline Fernandez is spending a fantastic deal of time in her present career. Following two successive popular music movies, this time that the trailer attracted her Netflix films.

Serial Killer’. From the trailer, Jacqueline is observed from the Avatar of lots of psychotic murderers. Manoj Bajpayee is going to be viewed as Jacqueline’s husband at the narrative. Police officer Mohit Raina detained him on the cost of constant murder. However, Jacqueline picked a terrible means to rescue her husband and prove him innocent. To deceive law enforcement, he turned into a’sserial killer’ from control.

Farah Khan has generated the film’Jan-i-Man’, led by Shirish Kundar. The film will be published on Netflix on May 1 this season. The first Indian source of Netflix is’Mrs Serial Killer’ in 2020.


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