Jake Paul paying undercard boxers 50% of their purses out with canceled fights

Jake Paul Announces Payments for Undercard Fighters 50%

YouTube star Jake Paul made a monetary signal to fighters because of take to the ring the previous evening in front of his conflict with Hasim Rahman Jr which failed to work out. Rahman Jr. missed the mark concerning as far as possible set for the battle and the match arranged at Madison Square Garden failed to work out. Consequently, the battles from the whole card for the night were additionally dropped.

An army of fans via virtual entertainment were considering what might befall different battles of the evening. Featuring Armanda Serrano, Brandon Lee and Ashton Sylve was assumed. Every one of them is as of now haggling for the execution of the matches, yet at a later stage.

Paul and his company Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) announced in an official statement that each of the fighters will receive 50% of the value of the contract, which was signed on August 6.

"Today I was supposed to fight a 'real boxer' in Madison Square Garden." But it wasn't written," Paul wrote in a message on Twitter. “My rivals both turned out to be frauds. I'll be back. Even bigger battles await us. I want to thank all the boxers who were supposed to fight tonight," adds Paul.

The social media star was originally supposed to meet Tommy Fury, but he was denied entry to the US due to visa issues. Rahman Junior, on the other hand, did not comply with the weight stipulation, and in the end, Paul was left without an opponent.