Jake Paul posts hospitalized video with broken back

Jake Paul posts hospitalized video with broken back

Paul broke his back carrying the promotional duties for his last five boxing events and it doesn’t sound like his upcoming bout against Hasim Rahman Jr. will provide much (if any) relief on the marketing front.

However, as shown in the clip above, the 25-year-old, pretending to be hurt, jokes that he's 'broken his back' for 'carrying the promotion'.

Jack Paul Said

“I’m still going to be able to fight on August 6th so get your tickets at msg.com before they sell out.”

He added: “But I broke my back… carrying the promotion for this event.

“It’s broken.” he yells.

“Nurse, nurse, more morphine.”

His girlfriend, dressed up as a nurse, then runs over to help.

“I broke my back,” he continues, “carrying the last five fights promotion. My opponents never sell s**t.”

“Ah, it hurts,” he then screams, “These motherf**kers never sell s**t. They couldn’t sell a pen to a writer.”