Jake Paul shocks fans by announcing who his next opponent will be: More KOs than me, more wins than me

Jake Paul has announced that his next fight is going to be against Andre August, a fighter that many people on the scene barely seem to have heard of.

Paul is going to be back in the ring on December 15 after he got back to winning ways with a win over Nate Diaz on points in August.

That was a ten-round contest and it is known that he has a plan to move towards more traditional boxing.

The fight against August was announced by Paul on Twitter and the graphic shows that he will be fighting at the Caribe Royale in Orlando. August has got a 10-1 professional boxing record.

Jake Paul shows his amazing Miami warehouse where he has his office and personal gym

The event will take place on DAZN, but for the first time since his professional debut against YouTuber AnEsonGib won’t be a pay-per-view event, with the show expected to be a more low-key event.

“Ask and I shall deliver. August has more KO’s then me, more wins then me, more experience then me, but I like to gamble. The path to world champ starts here. Just straight up boxing,” Paul wrote in the fight announcement.

Paul on his comeback

Jake Paul spoke to TMZ about his return to the ring last month.

“The conclusion we are getting to is doing smaller events potentially and focusing on the fight, not the business side of it. Not needing it to be some big pay-per-view draw, just focusing on the sport. That’s where my head is right now and that’s what we’re going to try to execute,” he said.

“The Tommy Fury rematch is still there, I want KSI and right now I’m looking at professional boxers. Building my record and fighting guys with the same level of experience as me, testing myself in there like a traditional boxing route.

“There are some ideas and names there on the horizon, we’re at the drawing board right now so just waiting to see what happens next.”

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