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Jennifer Lopez Gives Shakira Booty-Shaking Tips

Jennifer Lopez Gives Shakira Booty-Shaking Tips

Jennifer Lopez is finishing rumors she and Shakira weren’t getting along nicely when preparing to get their Super Bowl Halftime Show. Three weeks later bringing the Latin warmth to the coveted occasion, hitmaker”If You Had My Love” led lovers behind the scenes where it had been filmed, instructing his headliner the way to shake his buttocks. Jennifer Lopez, a female of the people, understands that we can all use some fantastic entertainment after being trapped in our houses for the last couple of weeks so that she simply dropped some A+ articles on her Instagram.

The footage is amazing — and reveals exactly how hands-on Lopez was with all the dancers and actors, such as Shakira!

“I can not believe it has been 3 weeks since the #SuperBowlLIV#Halftime Prove,” Lopez explained.

Among the motions that they busted their asses to perfect was that the ending pose… in the cake jiggling into the closing ferocious head into the camera.

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