Jos Butler and Ben Stokes are in high demand in the IPL 2021

Jos Butler and Ben Stokes are in high demand in the IPL 2021

Some cricketers can skip Test matches in England to play in the IPL, a controversy that is raging in English cricket. Joss Butler is one of them. In response to the allegations, the keeper-batsman reminded of the reality of the time. He said directly that it is difficult to ignore the handful of IPL money and experience.

The first match of England's Test series against New Zealand is on June 2. English cricketers will be among the teams that have made it to the IPL play-offs, they will definitely not be able to play that Test match at Lord's. The board of England has already given them the assumption to play in the IPL.

English cricket has been in turmoil for some time now. English great Jeff Boycott has commented that the salary should be cut if he plays in the IPL excluding the country's game.

Butler's virtual press conference before England's T20 series against India also took the IPL by storm. Butler frankly accepted the financial and other realities of the IPL.

Butler admits he may miss the test. He also said how difficult it is to avoid the IPL in the current reality.

“Yes, it can be (Test excluded). The New Zealand Tests were added later (to the schedule). And some cricketers could have missed it anyway. The needle is certainly not a difficult and perfect solution. The ECB and the cricketers are working closely to find a solution. Is there anything called the perfect answer? We probably don't have it at the moment. ”

"The amount of money involved in the IPL is very lucrative for many. This is the biggest tournament in terms of money. ”

According to Butler, the demand for England cricketers in the IPL is also a recognition of English cricket.

"A feather in the crown of English cricket is also the attraction of 12 England cricketers in the biggest tournament in the world."

India will host the T20 World Cup in October-November this year. Butler thinks the England team will benefit from the IPL experience.

"This year's IPL is being held in India, the World Cup will also be held here. This is definitely a great opportunity for all in terms of improvement, skill and learning of cricketers. ”

The five-match India-England T20 series starts on Friday.