Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2022: Time, TV Channel, Race Time

2022 Judo Grand Prix Portugal

The 2022 Judo Grand Prix Almada will be held in Almada, Portugal, from 28 to 30 January 2022. The sums written are per medalist, bringing the total prizes awarded to 98,000€.

Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2022 Event Information

Date: 28 Jan 2022 - 30 Jan 2022
Where: Almada, Portugal
Type: Grand Prix
Competitors: 347 from 44 nations

Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2022 Live TV Channel

This competition does not have any TV info yet

Judo Grand Prix Portugal 2022 Invited List

Women's Selection:

48 kg: Catarina Costa (AAC), Raquel Brito (SAD), Inês Ribeiro (SCP) and Denisa Grecu (EJAH)

52 kg: Joana Diogo (JCC) and Maria Siderot (SCP)

57 kg: Telma Monteiro (SLB), Mariana Esteves (FSAL), Maria Inês Rosário (EJAH) and Teresa Trindade (JCPr)

63 kg: Margarida Brás (SCP), Wilsa Gomes (SCP) and Adriana Torres (EJAH)

70 kg: Joana Crisóstomo (ULHT)

78 kg: Patrícia Sampaio (SFGP) and Carolina Paiva (ULHT)

Men's Selection:

60 kg: Rodrigo Lopes (SLB), Francisco Mendes (AAC), Rafael Chambel (JCPN) and Bruno Bento (ULHT)

66 kg: Bernardo Tralhão (ACM), Bruno Barros (SCOCS), Gonçalo Oliveira (JCLx) and Kainan Pires (SLB)

73 kg: Thelmo Gomes (SLB) and Saba Danelia (SUS)

81 kg: João Fernando (SCP), Manuel Rodrigues (JCPr) and Eduardo Silva (ADJF)

90 kg: Anri Egutidze (SLB) and Miguel Dias (SCPo)

100 kg: Jorge Fonseca (SCP), Diogo Brites (SCP), Ailton Cardoso (SLB) and João Pires (Morning)