Kenya Moore Praises Maya Angelou and shares some of her lyrics

Kenya Moore Praises Maya Angelou and shares some of her lyrics

Kenya Moore gushed over Maya Angelou for the International Women’s Day. Check out Kenya’s article she shared on her sociable networking account.

‘In the Queen to all of the queens on the planet. My favorite poet #mayaangelou Joyful #internationalwomensday,’ Kenya captioned her article.

Someone told me:’I’m crying n sniffling at this time & came to a page to inform you; & then I see this movie. Remain strong, You’re A Phenomenal Woman & Why We #teamtwirl Love You!’

A fan told Kenya: ‘I’m so proud of you. I call you out on bullshit. You are a great mother and wife. I got choked up bc physical abuse is horrific but mental and emotional abuse will break you. I know I went through it for 32 yrs. I’m recovering it’s a process every day. I know you want to keep your family together, I did too. In the end, do what makes YOU feel safe and nourished emotionally for your precious beautiful baby girl. Set a good example for her. We all love and support you. If I could go back and tell my young self, I would’ve done do differently.’

Someone else said: ‘A phenomenal woman you are and should be treated as one! I am sorry you how you were treated on tonight’s episode. ❤️’

A commenter posted this: ‘Glad you are not just settling and tolerating the bs from an ungrateful man! Twirl on beautiful. 🙌🏽’

One other follower said: ‘Kenya, you will overcome this just focus on your healing and keep moving forward with your daughter Brooklyn.’

Another follower praised Kenya and told her this: ‘You are a phenomenal woman Kenya and, Brooklyn is looking to you to be that phenomenal role model of a Mommy! You got this, and my prayers and support are with you.’

Other than this, Kenya shared a message on her social media account about strength, and fans appreciated her motivational words.