Kevin Lee Reveals 6 Month USADA Suspension

Kevin Lee Reveals 6 Month USADA Suspension

Kevin Lee has conceded that he's been hailed by the NSAC and is anticipating that a USADA violation should be not far off.

Lee returned in August against Daniel Rodriguez in a welterweight session. Following the disillusioning choice misfortune, Lee has tried positive for Adderall. The substance being referred to is utilized to treat an assortment of mental problems including ADHD and nervousness which he determined as his purposes behind taking it.

On Wednesday, the "Motown Phenom" posted on Instagram and shared the information on his looming infringement with USADA. What's more, the previous lightweight conceded that he never applied for a remedial use exclusion. Lee shared that he's effectively working with NSAC and anticipates that a ruling should be delivered very soon.

“I have tested over the limit allowed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in my most recent fight. In 2018 I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD, it has always affected me. I did not discover real treatment for the diagnosis until 2020 when I was recovering from my double knee surgeries. I was prescribed Adderall from a doctor to improve my mental Health. I told representatives from USADA but did not apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the NSAC before my last fight. For that, I truly apologize to the UFC, the commission, my opponent, Dana White, the matchmakers, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard, and the fans.

It was never my intention to gain an athletic advantage. It was an attempt to conquer the severe anxiety I silently suffer from daily. I am actively cooperating with the Nevada Athletic Commission and expect to reach an agreement on a sanction. I will use this time to heal and come back stronger. Sorry for my lack of professionalism that lead to this disappointment, I’ll be back.” Kevin Lee posted.

Prior to his mishap with USADA, Kevin Lee has been struggling to find his footing in the UFC. Specifically, the Detroit native suffered a loss to lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. Following the backstep at lightweight, Lee tried his hand at welterweight, however that result did not go his way either.

The lightweight followed up his post with a video of him pouring his prescription Adderall down the sink. With a renewed desire to compete again, Kevin Lee seems adamant about getting his mind right and returning to face top competition.