Knicks Are Now Even Butt Of Trevor Noah Coronavirus Jokes

At least comic Trevor Noah of”The Each day Screen.”

Throughout the Most Recent rant about the quickly-spreading disease, Noah referenced the NBA’s continuing woes in an online movie clip:

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“We have discovered four Brooklyn Nets players, such as Kevin Durant, have coronavirus,” Noah started. “So today the Nets have coronavirus. The Pistons have coronavirus. It is heading around to each of the NBA groups. Except that the Knicks. Because not Corona would love to be on the Knicks.”

The Knicks made an assertion Wednesday night which clarified none of the players are examined mainly because they have not shown symptoms. The team, as first documented by The guide, is sticking to CDC therapy in not evaluations of an asymptomatic participant. James Dolan’s Knicks ended on pace to miss the playoffs a seventh consecutive yr once the interval was suspended 9 days previously.

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