Kohli drops out of top ten in Test batting rankings: After 6 years

Kohli drops out of top ten in Test batting rankings: After 6 years

Once on the field, the tide of runs in the bat, the great Kohli is now completely dull. The Indian, who has given away one century after another to the opposition bowlers, seems to have forgotten the taste of this great three figures. The effect of his bad time is also in the clear rankings. After almost 6 years, he dropped out of the top ten in the list of ICC Test batsmen!

The world's top governing body for cricket released a weekly update on the rankings on Wednesday. Kohli is ranked 13th in the Test batsmen's rankings.

In February 2014, Kohli made it into the top 10 in the Test batsmen's rankings for the first time. Then his position has risen and fell. In November 2016, he entered the top five for the first time, in fourth place.

In August 2018, Kohli took the top spot for the first time in terms of improvement. After a year, they lost their place and were together for a long time. Now he is not in the top ten due to deterioration.

It's not just in Tests that Kohli is declining in the rankings. The batsman, who was once at the top in ODIs, is now at number three. Last week, Pakistan's Babar Azam broke Kohli's record for the longest number one in the T20 rankings. Kohli, who was at the top for 1,013 days in this edition, is now at number 21!

Clearly, red or white, Kohli can not match any outfit. He has not been able to score a century in international cricket for two and a half years.