La Liga Fixtures: La Liga will restart on June 11

La Liga Fixtures: La Liga will restart on June 11

La Liga is going to return to the field after a long wait and uncertainty. Outbreaks of the deadly coronavirus have declined in Spain, but health risks remain the same. The top football competition in Spain is going to be overcoming all that.

All league matches will be played in a spectator-free stadium. At the same time, there will be various security measures to prevent the transmission of highly contagious viruses. La Liga will start in the same circle as the Bundesliga matches that started last month among the top five leagues in Europe.

Only time will tell how everything will go. However, there is no doubt that this year’s event is going to be the most ‘weird’ in the history of the competition. The long break in the middle due to the Covid-19 epidemic is not seen as much between the two seasons.

La Liga Fixtures June and July

June 2020

La Liga Thursday 11th June

Sevilla vs Real Betis

La Liga Friday 12th June

Granada vs Getafe

Valencia vs Levante

La Liga Saturday 13th June

Espanyol vs Alaves

Celta Vigo vs Villarreal

Leganes vs Real Valladolid

Real Mallorca vs Barcelona

La Liga Sunday 14th June

Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid vs Eibar

Real Sociedad vs Osasuna

La Liga Monday 15th June

Levante vs Sevilla

Real Betis vs Granada

La Liga Tuesday 16th June

Getafe vs Espanyol

Villarreal vs Real Mallorca

Barcelona vs Leganes

La Liga Wednesday 17th June

Eibar vs Athletic Bilbao

Real Valladolid vs Celta Vigo

Osasuna vs Atletico Madrid

La Liga Thursday 18th June

Alaves vs Real Sociedad

Real Madridvs Valencia

La Liga Friday 19th June

Granada vs Villarreal

Real Mallorca vs Leganes

Sevilla vs Barcelona

La Liga Saturday 20th June

Espanyol vs Levante

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Betis

Getafevs Eibar

Atletico Madrid vs Real Valladolid

La Liga Sunday 21st June

Celta Vigo vs Alaves

Valencia vs Osasuna

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid

La Liga Monday 22nd June

Leganes vs Granada

Villarreal vs Sevilla

La Liga Tuesday 23rd June

Levante vs Atletico Madrid

Real Valladolid vs Getafe

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao

La Liga Wednesday 24th June

Alaves vs Osasuna

Real Sociedad vs Celta Vigo

Real Madrid vs Real Mallorca

La Liga Thursday 25th June

Eibar vs Valencia

Real Betis vs Espanyol

La Liga Sunday 28th June

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Mallorca

Atletico Madrid vs Alaves

Celta Vigo vs Barcelona

Espanyol vs Real Madrid

Getafe vs Real Sociedad

Granada vs Eibar

Levante vs Real Betis

Osasuna vs Leganes

Sevilla vs Real Valladolid

Villarreal vs Valencia

July 2020

La Liga Wednesday 1st July

Alaves vs Granada

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Eibar vs Osasuna

Leganes vs Sevilla

Real Betis vs Villarreal

Real Madrid vs Getafe

Real Mallorca vs Celta Vigo

Real Sociedad vs Espanyol

Real Valladolid vs Levante

Valencia vs Athletic Bilbao

La Liga Sunday 5th July

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid vs Real Mallorca

Celta Vigo vs Real Betis

Espanyol vs Leganes

Granada vs Valencia

Levante vs Real Sociedad

Osasuna vs Getafe

Real Valladolid vs Alaves

Sevilla vs Eibar

Villarreal vs Barcelona

La Liga Wednesday 8th July

Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla

Barcelona vs Espanyol

Celta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid

Eibar vs Leganes

Getafe vs Villarreal

Real Betis vs Osasuna

Real Madrid vs Alaves

Real Mallorca vs Levante

Real Sociedad vs Granada

Valencia vs Real Valladolid

La Liga Sunday 12th July

Alaves vs Getafe

Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis

Espanyol vs Eibar

Granada vs Real Madrid

Leganes vs Valencia

Levante vs Athletic Bilbao

Osasuna vs Celta Vigo

Real Valladolid vs Barcelona

Sevilla vs Real Mallorca

Villarreal vs Real Sociedad

La Liga Wednesday 15th July

Athletic Bilbao vs Leganes

Barcelona vs Osasuna

Celta Vigo vs Levante

Eibar vs Real Valladolid

Getafe vs Atletico Madrid

Real Betis vs Alaves

Real Madrid vs Villarreal

Real Mallorca vs Granada

Real Sociedad vs Sevilla

Valencia vs Espanyol

La Liga Sunday 19th July

Alaves vs Barcelona

Atletico Madrid vs Real Sociedad

Espanyol vs Celta Vigo

Granada vs Athletic Bilbao

Leganes vs Real Madrid

Levante vs Getafe

Osasuna vs Real Mallorca

Real Valladolid vs Real Betis

Sevilla vs Valencia

Villarreal vs Eibar