The brightest star on the planet music globe Lady Gaga is prepared for the launch of her sixth record Chromatica. Even though the record was likely to be published on April 10. However, Corona originally postponed the launch of this record. Elton John and rain ‘ celebrity Ariana Grande is also heard here. The tune’ Sawar Kandy’ was sung with the favorite K-pop group Blackpink.

The decision to launch the much-coveted record was hard at the moment, Lady Gaga composed on Instagram,’I know that the song has the capability to give us peace of tough times, courage in hard times. All this is accurate. On the other hand, the world isn’t keen to release the record at this dreadful moment. When all is well, we’ll dance and celebrate each of these songs. We sit and find an answer. Now it’s more important to stand from the destitute people than to concentrate on the launch of this record.

It’s more important to guarantee the treatment of individuals with corona. It’s more important to place food from the mouths of men and women who go to bed hungry. ‘Lady Gaga is responsible for coordinating an internet concert titled’ One Planet: Together at Home’. Countless world celebrities have united here from the house. This concert will offer a fund of 1 million crore rupees.