Latin America Amateur Championship Mayakoba, Mexico in 2020

Latin America Amateur Championship Mayakoba, Mexico in 2020

Even the Latin the United States Beginner Championship (LAAC) will Probably Be held in Mexico for Its Very First time at Mayakoba’s El Camaleón Club on Riviera Maya, January 16 19, 2020. The big event, that has provided a Experts invitation for the own winner annually since its beginning at 2015, will also provide a location at the great outdoors Championship.

“We’re thrilled to Offer You an Area at the Great Outdoors to its winner of this 20 20 Latin the United States Beginner Championship,”” Martin Slumbers, Leader of this R&A, stated in a declaration. “The championship has caused tremendous strides within the past few years as it had been playing along with you also just look at the victory that [2018 winner] Joaquin Niemann has appreciated Tour to comprehend that the developing intensity of the greatest players within this area.

Latin America Amateur Championship Live Stream Info

Date: Jan 16th – 19th, 2020

Where: El Camaleón Golf Club in Mayakoba, Mexico

Live Stream: ESPN

ESPN systems will broadcast real-time coverage of most four rounds of this sixth annual Latin America novice Championship this weekend since the top-rated novice golfers in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean vie for high awards and also major opportunities. The occasion at El Camaleón golfclub at Mayakoba, Mexico, commences Thursday, Jan. 16, also finishes Sunday, Jan. 1-9. The 3rd and last rounds Saturday and also Sunday will broadcast from noon till two pm on ESPNEWS, using a proposal app in 4:30 p.m. Sunday on ESPN.

Alvaro Ortiz of all Mexico, that played college golf Arkansas throughout the 2018 time of year, won the LAAC at 20-19, subsequently ended T-36 in the 20-19 Pros ahead of turning ace. Joaquin Niemann won the 2018 LAAC ahead of turning ace, linking the PGA Tour and successful his very first Tour event in 2013 in the Allied Tribute in the Greenbrier in September.

The LAAC Was Made in 2014, annually prior to the Very First acting with this occasion, from the Experts Championship, the R&A along with also the U.S. Golfing Association to Foster the Evolution of golfing in South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It follows a version created from the Experts along with also the R&A with all the invention of this AsiaPacific novice Championship at ’09, which likewise supplies spots at high foreign events into its own champion.

This calendar year’s discipline of 108,” that is encouraged by using their golf federations in line with World novice Golf Standing standing, will engage in with the 20th-ranked class in Golfweek’s Greatest 20 20 listings of classes to its Caribbean and Mexico. Even a Greg Norman layout, El Camaleón started in 2006.

Latin America Amateur Championship 2020 Schedule

Thu., Jan. 16: First Round

Fri., Jan. 17: Second Round

Sat., Jan. 18: Third Round

Sun., Jan. 19: Final Round