Leonardo DiCaprio going to end his long bachelor life?

Leonardo DiCaprio going to end his long bachelor life?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have been in love for two and a half years. It is known that DiCaprio is going to end his bachelor's life by marrying Camila. According to sources, DiCaprio has already proposed marriage to Camila. Camila's family also agreed to the proposal. It is heard that they have recently got engaged.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Star has proposed for This Version. Along with the other fantastic thing is her loved ones has also accredited of this wedding day. Reports assert that Leonardo and also Morrone has participated not long ago.

In accordance with the record by Blocktoro.com,'' Leonardo DiCaprio experienced to require Camila Morrone's daddy for consent before shooting the huge phase. Her dad has been joyful to provide his boon.

Camila and DiCaprio wedding date cannot be determined due to the coronavirus epidemic. If the situation improves, the couple can get married next year. Or they can get married in a simple arrangement with close friends and family members before that.

DiCaprio and Camila were in quarantine together after the outbreak of coronavirus. Camila recently went to visit her mother. Then the engagement ring was seen in his hand.

However, the marriage of 21-year-old model-actress Kamila to the 43-year-old actor has not been confirmed by any party yet. But fans are calling for an immediate end to Leonardo DiCaprio long bachelor life.