Lightning Network announces v0.10 Beta With Exciting Improvements

Lightning Network announces v0.10 Beta With Exciting Improvements

Lightning Labs, the group of engineers specializing in fixing the scalability problems of their Bitcoin blockchain and also making the flagship cryptocurrency better, has announced the launch of this Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) v0.10 beta. The group states lnd v0.10 beta includes various enhancements and bug fixes such as Multi-Path Payments (MPP), Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT), and much more, according to a press release on April 30, 2020.

Lnd v0.10 Now

The team says lnd v0.10-beta also incorporates another Anchor Commitment Format, which utilizes anchor sockets to make it feasible for prices to be ascertained after a station near trade was communicated. The Anchor Commitment Format provides Lightning users more advantage as they no longer have to negotiate on charges for inducing closing a station early.

Similarly, lnd v0.10-beta supports the Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transaction attribute, which enables users to finance new Lightning stations straight from their hardware pockets or external wallets, as an instance, Electrum and many others that encourage the PSBT format.

That’s not all, Lightning Labs have indicated that lnd v0.10-beta likewise flaunts a couple of distinct upgrades such as architectural enhancements, engineer updates, better security, and safety, as bug fixes.

Together with the entire world yet to fully contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the group says it plans to release connections to virtual events in the forthcoming weeks, in a way to connect with people from the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Earlier in January this year, Jack Dorsey’s Square announced layouts to launch a Lightning Development Kit (LDK) intended for making life easier for engineers to the Lightning network.

Last February, Lightning Labs made certain about $10 million in its Series A financing, to enable it to assist its engineer ecosystem and further progress the improvement of their Lightning payments technologies.