Lionel Messi has decided not to go to practice

Lionel Messi has decided not to go to practice

Lionel Messi made the decision to end the deep relationship of more than 20 years. This Argentine star wants to leave Barcelona. He has informed Barcelona that he will not stay in this club anymore. The Argentine football magician wants to find a new address by canceling the contract quickly.

However, a few days ago, it was heard that Messi is joining the pre-season training of the club under the direction of the new coach of Barcelona, ​​Ronald Koeman. But European media are saying that the Argentine forward is not giving the club's medical test. That's why Messi has no chance to start training with the team for now.

If you don't test the corona, there is no question of getting into practice. Barcelona footballers are undergoing medical tests before the pre-season. Compulsory corona test has to be given. But Messi is not among them.

With Messi not returning to practice, Barcelona now have the opportunity to take legal action against him. But it remains to be seen whether Barcelona will take legal action against their best star.

Messi can get a big punishment if he does not join the practice

Senior Spanish journalist Josep Pedrerol claims Messi's message has reached the club. However, he has been reminded by Barcelona that he is still under the contract of the team. So the 33-year-old forward must be present for the test on Sunday.

If Messi does not attend Sunday's medical test, what could be his punishment?

If the star, known as the Argentine magician, does not attend Tuesday's practice, he could be expelled for 10 to 30 days. In that case his salary will be deducted up to 25%.