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Lionel Messi injured his leg muscle in practice

Lionel Messi injured his leg muscle in practice

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

Barcelona has returned to practice for some time. Bad news back. Captain Lionel Messi was injured on Wednesday. After a two-month shutdown due to coronavirus, Barcelona is waiting to return to the league with a match against Real Mallorca, the Argentine superstar is more likely not to play that match!

Messi practiced alone in the gym on Wednesday, not with the team. According to internal sources, he has suffered a rib injury. The real situation will be known on an MRI scan on Thursday.

Barcelona is going to tour the United States on Monday for two matches. Messi is not going there due to injury. Barcelona said in a statement. The statement did not say how long it would take the Argentine star to fully recover.

Posting a picture of the practice on Instagram, Messi wrote, “I was desperate to get started. But sadly I got interrupted in the first practice session. ”

He added: “Thank you for your support. I wanted to be with the team and with those who would follow us to the United States. But not this time.