Lionel Messi joined the Training by driving

Lionel Messi joined the Training by driving

Lionel Messi came on the field for Barcelona on March 7. In the La Liga match against Real Sociedad, Messi’s goal gave the Browgranas a 0-1 victory. Spanish was then suspended. Voluntarily under house arrest in his palace in the Castlediffless area of ​​the city. He was accompanied by his wife and three children. After two long months, the Argentine superstar came out. He joined the exercise by driving himself.

Authorities are working hard to bring back the league, which was suspended due to the coronavirus, next June. So the teams are asked to start practicing from Wednesday.

Barcelona authorities summoned the team’s players as instructed. Everyone had to face a corona test before practicing at Barcelona a training ground, Ciotat Esportiva Joan Gampa.

In addition to Messi, the European media published pictures of Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann, and Arturo Vidal. Everyone was seen wearing gloves and face masks.

Initially, the single practice was allowed by the Spanish Ministry of Sports. It has been said that you have to follow the hygiene rules. A La Liga statement said it would take about four weeks at various stages to follow all the rules. The government’s guidelines will be followed to reduce the risk of infection.

Spanish league authorities also said the players would be tested by the club. The goal is to start the competition in June at the end of individual practice, small group practice, and group practice.