Lionel Messi will finish his career at Barcelona, the coach confirmed

Lionel Messi will finish his career at Barcelona, the coach confirmed

It was a couple of days back the rumor of visiting the Italian club Inter Milan was powerful. And that rumor is not anything new. It comes up nearly every season. However, Lionel Messi remains among the greatest celebrities on the planet. Present star Kiki Setien has affirmed that the celebrity, who won the Ballon d’Or for a list six times, will stay at the Catalan club before the end of his soccer career.

In a meeting with Spanish press TVthree, Barsa Koch talked of numerous problems of recent times. It was there that Messi was requested concerning the future of this trainer three weeks ago. I really don’t think Messi will create any decision regarding whether he will probably be in the club at the moment,” Setien explained.

In late times, insignificant things have occurred in Barcelona. There’s proof that Messi’s connection with the present board isn’t really great. Captain Lionel Messi criticized his remarks for attributing players to the dismissal of former trainer Ernesto Valverde, the club sports manager Eric Abidal. Subsequently, Bartemau alleged that he had hired a company to interact with social websites contrary to many former and current officials and players of the group so as to elevate his picture.Several days following the financial crisis due to the coronavirus, Messi’s wages were raised by different rumors. Then, on societal websites Instagram, Messi made an announcement.

But Etienne doesn’t give much value to such events. He said these events are normal in large clubs. Regrettably, these media are dispersing erroneously.’


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