Love Island new girl Arabella chi branded ‘sly as f***’ by ex Charlie Frederick as she enters the villa

Arabella enraged the 2018 Love Island star last night after she revealed on Instagram that the “secret is out” and told producers her claim to fame was having dated him “for a time”.

 Love Island new girl Arabella Chi's ex Charlie Frederick calls her 'sly as f***'

Love Island new girl Arabella Chi’s ex Charlie Frederick calls her ‘sly as f***’Credit: Rex Features

Charlie retaliated on the social networking app and told his followers that Love Island was ripping off his life.

He said in his story: “WOW @LoveIsland you wanna have my f*****g life any more?

“Both my exes in the f*****g villa. Madness.”

Later, Charlie wrote beneath a picture on Arabella‘s page: “SECRETS OUT YEAH! F**king sly as f**k.”

Last week, Lucie Donlan’s mum lashed out Charlie and accused him of lying about their six month romance.

Charlie branded Lucie “fame hungry” in an interview for going on the show and told reporters their relationship was little more than a fling – infuriating her mum Celly.

The 21-year-old’s mum told MailOnline: “Charlie’s interview was completely wrong. He said that it was just a very quick holiday romance, but in actual fact it was a proper relationship for six months.

“Charlie was part of our family. He’d come to see us every weekend and we even went on holiday together.

 Lucie Donlan's mum says Love Island's Charlie Frederick lied about their romance

Lucie Donlan’s mum says Love Island’s Charlie Frederick lied about their romanceCredit: Rex Features
“‘Myself and Lucie’s stepfather, Andy, were shocked when they split up and I was very upset.”

Charlie even went on an all expenses paid trip with Lucie to Fuerteventura for work and it turned into a family holiday, with the surfer and model’s mum taking Charlie under her wing.

Celly explained: “She asked if Charlie could come too, and they upgraded the villa for him.

 Charlie had a brief stint in 2018 Love Island

Charlie had a brief stint in 2018 Love IslandCredit: ITV

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