Madonna will go out of the house after Positive COVID-19 antibody test

Madonna will go out of the house after Positive COVID-19 antibody test

Madonna hasn’t been outside of the home for 14 days. However, this time he intends to remain from the home for some time to breathe in the open air. The 61-year-old celebrity shared a movie on Instagram on Thursday. I did the evaluation, he explained from the movie titled Quarantine Diaries No. 14 I discovered I’ve antibodies. So tomorrow I shall head out on a long driveway with the vehicle. I will diminish the window breathe and work at the Covid-19 atmosphere. I feel the sun has started to shine.

Tomorrow is just another day for me to wake up, but using a different sense, he explained in the close of the video. He explained he will offer all possible assistance from the aspect of the foundation to earn the corona antidote. Madonna had to cancel two concerts in Paris a couple of days ago because of coronavirus.

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But local press remarked that the consequence of antibody tests simply supposed Madonna was infected with the virus, and present studies haven’t provided enough evidence regarding the efficacy of antibody-mediated resistance to ensure that she wouldn’t be infected.

The World Health Organization has warned that: “on April 24, 2020, no research has assessed if the existence of antibodies into SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which leads to COVID-19) confers resistance to subsequent infection by this virus from people.”

The US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) also said that”people don’t know however if the radicals which result from disease with SARS-CoV-2 can shield somebody from reinfection with this virus or just how long before the virus may protect somebody.”