Mahesh Bhatt appears before NCW in a sexual harassment case

Mahesh Bhatt appears before NCW in a sexual harassment case

After the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, his girlfriend Riya Chakraborty came up in the most discussion. And the closeness of Bollywood director-producer Mahesh Bhatt with Riya has given a new dimension to that discussion.

Veteran Bollywood directors and producers claim that Mahesh Bhatt's relationship with Riya is a 'mentor' relationship.

No matter what Mahesh Bhatt claims, after Sushant's death, many questions have started to arise about his relationship with Riya. Mahesh Bhatt even advised Riya to take Sushant to psychologists. There was a lot of noise around a post by Suhitra Das, a close associate of the director.

Bollywood's Bagha Bagha star director and producer has been questioned in Sushant's death case. Among them is Mahesh Bhatt. Just when Mahesh Bhatt was facing extreme questions, a video of Mahesh putting his head on his rear shoulder went viral on social media.

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As soon as the video of Riya and Mahesh Bhatt came out during the promotion of Jalebi, various comments started on the internet. In the video, Riya says that her thoughts on love have changed after Jalebi. Riya Chakraborty is also seen commenting that she has decided to stay alone for the rest of her life.