Making the Quarantine a Little Less Unbearable during COVID-19

Making the Quarantine a Little Less Unbearable during COVID-19

This year has possibly been the most difficult of all the years that we had to live through on this planet. All that you can think and talk about is about COVID-19 and how it has impaired our lives in the worst ways possible. A global pandemic of this magnitude has perhaps not been dealt with in centuries, and as a result, we just do not know how to live through these times. Lives have come to a halt. The warmth of a touch, a friendly hug, meeting your friends and even going to the work that you have hated all your life- these are now alien concepts to us. Masks and hand-sanitizing are the new normal, and we are only trying to figure out ways to keep the virus at bay while we stay safe within the confines of our homes. Times are tough, and the situation has been weighing most of us. Our mental health has gone for a toss, and we only find ourselves overwhelmed most of the times. However, it is never a good idea to give up on hope, because that is what is keeping us alive.


And therefore, while you try to keep that hope in you alive, here are a few ideas for you to engage in during the quarantine so that you can keep your mental health from falling apart and make use of this time constructively.

Read a Book:

It might not occur to you now, but the benefits of reading books, especially when you are not at peace are innumerable. Books take you to different places, condense the world in a microcosmic representation and make it easy for you to understand all that takes place in the world. Reading allows you to broaden your mind, and you realize that you are not alone in the emotions that are deluging you and the experiences that you are going through. This shared struggle makes it a bit easier to navigate through these difficult times. You gain faith and reinvent yourself through the words inscribed on the pages. And if nothing, you can at least spend your time in building a healthy habit.

Indulge In Gardening:

It does not matter whether you have a garden or not; what matters is if you are interested in the task. Greenery is truly alleviating and can help fight several mental health disorders. Spending some time in your garden and trying to piece things together to make a kitchen garden work is something that you must consider this quarantine. You can start off by planting in small pots that you can keep inside your house, in the balcony or your terrace if you are unable to find more space for proper gardening. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and cook delicious meals out of the same. The entire process of growing your vegetables and cooking your meals is more than just satisfying.

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Play Some Games, Online or Offline:

The internet has a myriad of resources and options for you to explore if you want to make use of your time. There are several gaming and gambling sites where you can play to your heart’s content. You can also make use of codes and coupons like the borgata promo code to minimize your risks while you play some of these casino games. And if you are not a fan of online games, you can always go for the good old board games. These are some fantastic options that you must consider if you want to make use of the time that you have at hand during the quarantine.

To Sum It All Up:

From learning a new language and taking up online courses to journaling your thoughts and spending time with your pets, there are several options for you to explore. You only need to keep calm, take deep breaths and have faith that this too shall pass. No phase can be permanent, and therefore, while you wait for this challenging phase to pass, try to pick up one or more tasks from the list of ideas we put together for you and enjoy some time with yourself while the quarantine lasts.