Manly Sea Eagles will boycott a championship match

Manly Sea Eagles will boycott a championship match

Seven rugby players from the Sea Eagles (Sea Eagles) team in the Australian championship, will boycott their club because of the kits.

The reason is that the Sea Eagles presented their new kit, and strong LGBT motifs are woven into it. Against the background of the traditional burgundy team, several lines with the traditional colors of the rainbow for the LGBT community are woven.

The goal of the club is clear - an attempt to support people with a different sexual orientation, but the seven players in question did not like the idea at all.

Their explanation to the management was that they have nothing against people of different sexual orientation, but publicly demonstrating such things contradicts their strict religious beliefs.

The reaction after the actions of these rugby players was quite expectedly huge, and a real wave of criticism was poured out against them.

They were denounced as homophobic, and numerous NGOs, fellow athletes and even the Prime Minister of Australia condemned their actions.

Only the coach of the rugby team publicly apologized to both the country's LGBT community and the seven players for the club's rash actions.