Maradona jersey sold for 55,000 euros at auction

Maradona jersey sold for 55,000 euros at auction

Diego Maradona’s jersey has been auctioned for 55,000 euros. The jersey was together with him for 33 decades.

Sikora Made his Maradona introduction for Italy from Argentina. Within an international friendly game in June 1987. Maradona won Sikora Heart then the game. Since he took his jersey off into the Italian. Both became even more powerful when they played in Napoli.

Italy is presently afflicted by coronavirus disease. Many people have expired. The amount of sufferers is growing by leaps and bounds daily. The entire nation is currently locked down. Individuals are at risk. Standing alongside him, Ciro chose to auction Maradona’s jersey, which he had carefully maintained for quite a while. Maradona is extremely satisfied with this particular initiative of the former teammate.

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#Repost @maradona ・・・ Caro @CiroFerrara_Official, amico e compagno fedele. Ricordo ancora il tuo esordio in Nazionale. Proprio contro di me, contro la mia Argentina. Sono contento che la maglia che ti regalai 33 anni fa adesso possa aiutare il nostro popolo in un momento così difficile. Napoli e i napoletani, la mia seconda casa, la mia gente. Je sto vicino a te! E a tutti voi, insieme alla @fcf_onlus (Fondazione Cannavaro – Ferrara). Lì troverai tutti i dettagli dell'asta. Un abbraccio a tutti! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Querido Ciro, me acuerdo de tu debut en la selección italiana. Fue contra mí, contra mi selección argentina, en 1987. Me pone feliz saber que esa camiseta que intercambiamos hace 33 años, pueda ayudar a la gente en este momento tan difícil. Nápoles es mi segunda casa, y los napolitanos son mi gente. Por eso invito a todos a sumarse a la @fcf_onlus (Fundación Cannavaro – Ferrara). Allí van a encontrar todos los detalles de esta subasta benéfica. Un abrazo a todos! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Dear Ciro, I remember your debut in the Italian national team. It was against me, against Argentina, in 1987. It makes me happy to know that the shirt we exchanged 33 years ago, can help people at this difficult time. Naples is my second home, and the Neapolitans are my people. That's why I invite everyone to join the @fcf_onlus (Cannavaro – Ferrara Foundation). There you will find all the details of this charity auction. A big hug to all! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – #JeStoVicinoATe #DiviseCheUniscono #UnitiperNapoli

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Sikora Ferreira, he composed on Facebook. This success is the most essential. We won this game shoulder to shoulder as we’ve won earlier. I’m honored to Have the Ability to stand by individuals in this excruciating situation along with Maradona, several other gamers’ memorabilia were auctioned off, Sikora said. The entire sum collected is 85 million Euros. Meanwhile, the home arrest Maradona is very magnificent. In Maradona’s words, for you can not visit the area for quite a very long time, your brain becomes restless. However, there isn’t anyway. The problem is the worst on the planet.