Marcos Rojo wants to stay in the club for a few more days

Marcos Rojo wants to stay in the club for a few more days

Marcos Rojo But, there was just 1 game in the specialty. On the brink of expiration. However, he wishes to remain in the club for a couple more days. From the voice of this defender, Ritumati Akuti Jahre.

Marcos Rojo Came to the note with all the World Cup. Sporting CP price 25 million euros, afterward United purchased it. Rohr hasn’t had a terrible start because of joining the English club. However, as time continues, life boils down to the standard sadness.

The carrier dropped under one accident after another. But he got his opportunity in World Cup 2018. But the harm. Marcos Rojo Has just played five games within a last-minute livelihood. Then he returned to his youth club for six months with no many asks. However, because of coronavirus, the status of a comeback without landing in the area. Rumor has it that he is going to be attracted back by the close of the season. Even though the Argentine defender currently anticipates the English club allowing him to play in the house club until at least this season.

In a meeting recently in the local radio app Estudiantes y Su Zent,” if it’s all up to me, I will certainly ask Manchester United direction for six more. If I must return after enjoying so many games, I’ll feel a good deal of pain. I’m fully fit today and need to play more’
Estudiantes police are also attempting to maintain Roho at the club for a couple more days. Marcos Rojo ) is great with everything. Since everything’s stopped today.’


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