Maria Sharapova unveiled her cellphone number during Corona

Maria Sharapova unveiled her cellphone number during Corona

Does the captive’ wish to spend some time together due to coronavirus? Can you get bored while remaining in your home? It’s possible to earn time enjoyable if you’d like. Tennis star Maria Sharapova is excited about speaking to you. The Russian tennis player has obtained an incredible venture in which the celebrities prevent themselves rather than fulfilling the fans. For this, he’s made his phone available to all.

310-568-7981- This is Sharapova’s cellphone number. If you want, you can try it now.

Sharapova is spending some time in her home state of America because of coronavirus. The fans are willing to speak to keep everybody away from the frightening surroundings round,’I give you my contact number. You may send me your message when you desire.

Sharapova has had lots of fun speaking video with lovers a couple of days back. He took this initiative. The lovers say,’Tell me exactly what you’re doing.

Sharapova, who retired from tennis February, said to open up the window fans’heads,’ that I have found a means to connect with you personally. Since last week I had an enjoyable video and response video conference using 150 lovers. I would like to speak to you more. I need to be connected to everybody. Since we’re separate and preserve physical space collectively. That’s the reason why I would like you to provide me your personal message.