Marriage in New Style For Bangladesh: The bride came to the groom's house

Marriage in New Style For Bangladesh: The bride came to the groom's house

That is ordinary. However, the rule is the fact that the exclusion is union. The bride passenger at the groom’s house did actually wed the dress. It had been sudden, but this happened on Saturday in Chaugacha village at Gangni Municipality of Meherpur. Obviously, lots of have welcomed the narrative though it’s been found in the region.

The natives stated that the bridegroom came at the front of the groom’s house or apartment with three-four and microbes motorbikes on Saturday day. Visiting the heart of this wedding, still another breed arises. The bride wearing a reddish Banarasi saree came from the microbe facing the gate of your home. As of the moment, the bridegroom took the bride flowers and candy faces.

Subsequently, the statutes of the union began. In accordance with Islamic Shariah, a Mawlana admits to both of these. As stated by the existing legislation, the area registrar has successfully completed the union registry. The bride-to-be’s antiques and relatives were invited into a feast.

At the day, Khadija Akhter, the bridegroom Tariqul Islam Joy, moved into her dad’s house. After spending a day or two there, the bridegroom will return home along with his bride. The bride moved along to wed the bride house!

Seeing this kind of marriage, Khadija Akhter Khushi explained that a female will go into her house to wed a boy equal rights for both people have been executed. We started by dividing up the circle. Hopefully, a lot more can do this today. Even though we’re implementing it at the face area, just how much? Thus by means of this occurrence, I needed to lead to the equality of women and men.

The bride moved along to wed the bride house! He explained the discrimination which men and women have within our society is going to be expunged when they’re wed this manner. Moreover, the bride dwelling could be so huge it would cost a fantastic bargain for your own party. I applaud the wedding which broke the heritage of this preceding union.


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