Marvin Vettori responds to Paulo Costa’s rematch request

Marvin Vettori doesn’t want a rematch against Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa offered Marvin Vettori a rematch to make up for Robert Whittaker's relinquish for UFC 275. Marvin Vettori doesn't need a rematch against Paulo Costa.

While Marvin Vettori was booked to confront Robert Whittaker at UFC 275, Whittaker's relinquishment constrained the Italian to view as another rival.

He immediately proposed Darren Till or Khamzat Chimaev, however these are tracks that appear to be confounded.

Vettori intrigues in the UFC and particularly Michael Bisping, who found him happy with during his last excursions. His last battle and triumph were at UFC Vegas 41, where he played Brazilian Paulo Costa.

Unequivocally, Costa made him the proposition of a rematch that the Italian cleared away with a strike (through Instagram):

"He's attempting to get a battle now, however he can simply go f*****. You dirtied me. I killed you, and that is all there is to it, pal. It's finished. Find another person.

What's more, he appeared to be especially facing his previous adversary, whom he no longer needs to see by any means:

"You are behind me. It doesn't seem OK for me to battle this mother. It's a horrible idea to me. None. I'm emme*** this person. I have your cash, and I have the triumph, move away from me. It's finished.

The scorn appears to be profound on the Italian who needs to turn the page authoritatively of this battle against Costa. As to next rival, no other data has spilled to date.