Max Verstappen victory in the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen victory in the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix

Title holder Max Verstappen was unopposed to likewise win the Belgian Grand Prix, the fourteenth round of the Formula 1 season. The Red Bull driver began fourteenth yet showed mind-boggling speed as he immediately worked his direction to the front to guarantee his 10th victory of the time and 29th of his vocation.

Carlos Sainz, who began first, put on the mildest tires for the beginning, which was fascinating. The rest were with medium tires. Perez missed the beginning and was overwhelmed by Alonso and the Mercedes drivers.

Sainz clutched in front of the pack, however behind him Alonso and Hamilton impacted, and despite the fact that they proceeded, Lewis needed to exit before long, apparently his own shortcoming. Verstappen and Leclerc immediately climbed to eighth and ninth. This implied that Perez was before long second once more.

On the subsequent lap, Bottas and Latifi impacted and it drew out the wellbeing vehicle. Ferrari probably befuddled the tires once more and called Leclerc for a change and medium tires are currently in the fourth round. Perez again dropped Sainz on the restart and needed to fight off Russell. Verstappen, then again, immediately came out sixth in the wake of beginning with the delicate tires and was quicker than the others in the main period of the race.

In the seventh lap, Max was at that point fourth and was certainly flying. Leclerc was just sixteenth, and Verstappen immediately saw the record of Russell for the third position and before long moved toward the pioneers. Sainz whined of fast tire wear, coming in for a change toward the finish of lap 11 and getting a medium, returning sixth.

Perez coherently let Max before him and Verstappen was at that point the pioneer. Leclerc came out seventh after the refueling breaks began, and soon he was at that point fifth. Red Bull originally called Perez for a change and he returned a very short ways off of Leclerc yet behind Sainz.

On the fifteenth lap, Max likewise rolled out his improvement, returning a couple of moments behind Sainz, yet in front of Perez, getting medium tires. Leclerc started to lose speed, after a slight contact with Perez, whom he went after, however the Mexican shielded forcefully.

Max squeezed Sainz soon and on the eighteenth lap without issues overwhelmed him, so the way to triumph was at that point open. Minutes after the fact, Perez likewise surpassed Carlos for second spot.

In the accompanying laps, Verstappen smoothly expanded the hole, without anything exceptional occurring on the track. Ferrari rolled out a twofold improvement of Sainz and Leclerc one after the other and everything went without a hitch. As Carlos got hard and Charles medium the two of them returned fourth and seventh.

Perez also went hard on the very next lap to stay ahead of Sainz. Russell changed tires on lap 30 to return to 4th, with a solid lead over Vettel and Leclerc, who were behind him, but Charles soon overtook the German. The second shift for Max also went smoothly, receiving new mediums.

Sainz wasn't quick enough on hard and Russell quickly started to catch up, but at one point he started to lose pace and it became clear that he couldn't overtake him. In the end, there were no changes until the end, despite unexpected actions from Ferrari.

The Scuderia made a late change, with Charles putting on the softs in search of the fastest lap, but lost his 5th place to Alonso. However, in the last lap he regained his position, but failed to set the fastest lap. He was also given 5 seconds due to a higher speed in the pit lane, so he still finished 6th.

Verstappen, Perez and Sainz took the podium, followed by Russell, Alonso, Leclerc, Ocon, Vettel, Gasly and Alban.

With his victory, Max further increased his lead in the standings, now looking like a surefire champion once again with 284 points. Perez is now second with 191 and Leclerc third with 186. The next start is next Sunday in the Netherlands.