Mayweather and McGregor agreed to a rematch

Mayweather and McGregor agreed to a rematch

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are about to set up a rematch. Two of the most famous fighters in history have already met once in the ring - in 2017, with Parite winning the boxing match against the MMA star. Mayweather, who is undefeated in his professional career, has long since retired from the sport, but has recently hinted that he could return to fight professionally if he is offered a £200m fee.

The Sun newspaper claims Money and McGregor are in advanced talks over a fight. Personal terms are believed to be settled, and according to an insider in the negotiations, the difference is the number of rounds in the bout, with the Irishman wanting 10 rounds.

The bout will be set at 155 pounds, or 70 kg, meaning McGregor will have to cut a lot of weight. The Irishman is currently recovering from a broken leg and although he has resumed training he is believed to weigh around 85kg.

“Conor will only accept the paint if Floyd puts his undefeated record on the table. The match will not be demonstrative, but official. It will have a limit of 70 kg. That's what we know so far. It will be Floyd's last fight in the ring, so it's not to be missed," a Mayweather insider told the Sun newspaper.

"It is very close to finalizing the contract. The personal conditions are agreed upon by both parties. It will be one last game and yes, records are at stake. Currently the differences are about the rounds. Connor wants 10, but I'm sure there will be an understanding soon on that as well," the source added.

According to the media, Mayweather has offered an offer of 130 million pounds (about 157 million dollars) for a rematch against McGregor. Parette is 45, but "trains like a 30-year-old." The fight is expected to take place next March in Saudi Arabia. Last month, there were rumors that the two were considering a $1 billion fight.

UFC legend McGregor Instagrammed a photo from the 2017 match between the two with the caption "I accept."

The first match between the two was in Las Vegas and became the second highest-paid fight in history with over 4 million viewers paying to watch it. Mayweather won by TKO in the 10th round and earned £250m from the fight. McGregor received about 150 million. The money has 50 matches in his career and 50 victories