Messi posts emotional goodbye message to Suarez on Instagram

Messi posts emotional goodbye message to Suarez on Instagram

Lionel Messi has had a great time with Luis Suarez for the last six years. Many titles have come to the Barাa camp based on this pair. After the departures of Xavi, Iniesta and Neymar, Messi's closest friend in Barcelona was Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

This time the need for Suarez is over in Bara. So Barcelona has sold Suarez to Atletico Madrid. Barাa forced the Uruguayan striker out of the club.

However, Suarez's departure could be a little more painful for Messi.
Because Messi and Suarez became like family in Barcelona for six long years. The bond between the two families is even stronger than the friendship on the field. That's why Lionel Messi couldn't hold back the pain of saying goodbye to his dear friend. He expressed his emotions in an Instagram post on Friday.

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Ya me venía haciendo la idea pero hoy entré al vestuario y me cayó la ficha de verdad. Que difícil va a ser no seguir compartiendo el día a día con vos, tanto en las canchas como afuera. Los vamos a extrañar muchísimo. Fueron muchos años, muchos mates, comidas, cenas... Muchas cosas que nunca se van a olvidar, todos los días juntos. Va a ser raro verte con otra camiseta y mucho más enfrentarte. Te merecías que te despidan como lo que sos: uno de los jugadores más importantes de la historia del club, consiguiendo cosas importantes tanto en lo grupal como individualmente. Y no que te echen como lo hicieron. Pero la verdad que a esta altura ya no me sorprende nada. Te deseo todo lo mejor en este nuevo desafío. Te quiero mucho, los quiero mucho. Hasta pronto, amigo.

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"You didn't deserve to be kicked out like they did to you," Messi wrote, expressing frustration with the club. But to be honest, in the current situation, I am not surprised by anything in the club. '

"Thank you for your words, friend," Suarez wrote in response to Messi's message. But more than that, thank you for being like me. You have been very sincere with me and my family since day one. I will always be grateful to Messi in person. Never forget what I told you. You are one and unique; I have always enjoyed it. What other two, three or four other people say will not change your contribution and position in the club at all. Lots of love for you