Messi's league loss if not more than 6 billion!

Messi's league loss if not more than 6 billion!

Spain’s top club football team La Liga was suspended for the following two weeks. With the growth of coronary injury and death rates significantly rising in the nation over the last couple of days, the suspension period may be prolonged, even at the present season of the league or not.

If that’s the scenario, La Liga will face tremendous financial losses. There, they state that when the frozen team of Lionel Messi-Karim Benzema-Alvaro Morat is no more established, La Liga is going to be worth approximately 1.5 million euros (greater than 1,212 million rupees in Bangladeshi money!) .

Spain’s second-tier league Segunda branch has also been frozen for fourteen days. Whether this room can’t be constructed on the floor, the reduction figure will include yet another 1.5 million euros. That usually means the entire reduction of the league jurisdiction is going to be 1.5 million euros.

Up to now, La Liga and Segunda have performed 20 rounds and 5 rounds. Two rounds left at the 2 leagues. The league government said the enormous monetary loss has to do with all the TV earnings, season tickets and match day tickets of those rounds.

Based on the Celtics government, if La Liga isn’t established, there’ll be a reduction of 5 million euros of TV earnings, 1.5 million euros for season tickets (full-year tickets pre-purchased) and 1.5 million euros for game day tickets (corrected match tickets).

It’s to be mentioned that a basketball player from Real Madrid suffered from coronavirus and quarantined the team and players were quarantined. The La Liga police originally announced the suspension of this league at a statement. Before, it had been decided to sponsor all of the games for the following fourteen days in the area.